Golf Lessons or Not?

We wouldn't go to a new country and just expect to speak the language fluently and just because we buy an expensive set of golf clubs we shouldn't expect to play like Tiger.  

Golf tuition can be a bit of a minefield but essentially its finding what works for you.  The golf swing analyser have become a popular tool but can only take a snapshot of your swing at that moment.  A lot of us have our golfing knowledge handed down from our Dads using a second hand set of Ping off Ebay. 

First off its important to use a set that's custom fit to you, to your height, to your grip size.  Once you've got that right, you're half way there.

If you opt for one to one tuition with a Pro you can improve your game considerably, getting the most out of your clubs and making the game more enjoyable and successful.  

If you are not improving your game after some tuition, change your teacher, because anyone can be good golfer with the right tuition.  Happy golfing!