Does The Type Of Golf Ball Make a Difference?

How do you choose what golf ball you use? 

For most amateurs, the answer is: "I don't. I use whatever I find."

It's often said as a statement of pride. "I haven't bought a ball in three years. I just find them and use them."

It's understandable. Golf balls can be expensive, and most of us are looking ways to make the game as affordable as possible. 

Unless you're playing at a particularly high level, the rules will probably allow you to change ball from one hole to the next. The "one ball rule" is usually only applied in elite competition. Tour players have to stick to an exact make and model for 18 holes, meaning they can't change from a ball that flies a bit further on a long par 4 to a super-spinny ball on a short par 3, for instance. 

But here's the thing: chopping and changing your golf ball from one round to the next – or even one hole to the next, as some people do – is not doing you any favours.